1207 Melissa Turner BASDH, EDPH : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Melissa Turner is a dental hygienist who currently holds various roles within the dental industry—as an influencer, thought leader, advisor, and consultant. With the unique experience of practicing dentistry across the country, she is an expert in mobile dentistry as both a for-profit and non-profit delivery model. In addition to running a non-profit mobile program in Minnesota, she is founder of I Heart Mobile Dentistry Facebook community and is launching the first ever National Mobile Dentistry Conference in the spring of 2020. Melissa’s current goal is to re-frame the traditional views of hot-topic issues like teledentistry, direct access and independent hygiene practice, dental therapy, as well as the rise of the millennial workforce. She is an Executive Moderator for the Dental Peeps Network and works internally with companies such as onDiem, Floss Bar, and MouthWatch. Her latest advocacy efforts include launching a nationwide hashtag campaign, #LoveInTheWorkplace, in an effort to bring back love-as-an-action into dental practices everywhere.

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