1239 Foods that Fight Cancer by Dr. Pam VanArsdall : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

From 1990 to 2003, Dr. VanArsdall practiced dentistry with her father in Carlisle Kentucky. In 2003, she became a full time faculty member at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine teaching anatomy to medical, dental and nursing students. In 2009, she became full time faculty in the College of Dentistry eventually becoming a Professor and Academic Dean. In 2016, she stepped away from academics. She moved in with her mom and dad and took care of her father while he was dying of cancer. This was a pivotal point in her life. After he died, she was determined to find ways to avoid cancer. Pam has a Masters in Public Health and she already knew to avoid tobacco and to not drink excessively but she wanted to see if scientific evidence could offer anything more. She used the research skills she learned as a professor and dug into the research on ways to prevent cancer from lifestyle, and she found an avalanche of information on foods that fight cancer. It is now her passion to share this information with others. This has led her to become a certified health coach through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, to become certified in Professional Plant Based Culinary Arts and to begin speaking at events and conferences on what she has learned about “Foods that Fight Cancer.”

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