1243 Hands-On Pediatric Dental Education w/ Dr. Karim ElMofty : Dentistry Uncensored w Howard Farran

Dr. Karim ElMofty is a practicing dentist in Egypt where he was born and raised and graduated from Dental school, Cairo University in 2009. He is interested in Egyptian history, etymology, farming and open sea fishing. He believes that the scientific fields behind oral health promotion has matured, giving rise to a range of services to complement dental treatment everywhere.

He moved to Canada with his wonderful wife and baby daughter and they currently live in Burlington, Ontario. So, his interests now in summer became touring parks, splash pads and Canada’s beautiful nature and in winter touring indoor play areas.

His clinical training focused on Pediatric Dentistry while his master’s degree research work in Dental Public Health was testing different oral health education methods. He had brief trainings in China and California and was part of the team who broke the Guinness WR for the largest oral health promotion session in 2015.

He started KnowDental in Egypt and travelled around Egypt’s deserts, countryside and metropoles reaching as many people as he can with his team of KnowDental Ambassadors.

He recently started KnowDental in Canada and is restructuring it to better serve his new community while working to obtain his license to Practice Dentistry.

His focus now is to make KnowDental available for every dentist to add an edge to their patient care and introduce KnowDental methods to the scientific community through research.

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