1265 Danielle Cline on the Value of Exceptional Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored w Howard Farran

Danielle Cline took to the dental front office like a duck in water when she started in 2007. She became an expert on dental insurance and was determined to educate not only her patients, but anyone who called to ask a question. Today she not only provides consulting services for dental teams in the Austin area but she is launching her new company, Dental Mama. With Dental Mama she will take her knowledge directly to the people who are confused, frustrated, and most deeply impacted by their dental plans: Patients! She knows that virtually no one understands how their plans work when they come to the dentist, and believes that consumer-based education will positively impact experiences for patients and dental teams.

Her company, Cline Consulting, focuses on team-building and treatment acceptance. She believes clear language, excellent verbal skills, and a strong knowledge of dental insurance as well as financial options help set patient expectations. A confused patient will be less willing to accept treatment and more likely to leave negative feedback. Danielle loves to help dentists understand their own vision and use that to give the entire team purpose. She believes that this is necessary to building a successful practice with patients who will rave about their experience.

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