1279 Disability Insurance Roulette with Edward O. Comitz : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Ed is nationally regarded for his disability practice and unparalleled track record of success over the past 26 years.

His practice is unique. Unlike other disability attorneys, he only represents professionals (dentists, physicians, executives, other attorneys)—but, as he will discuss, most of his clients are dentists.

Ed is consistently named on the Top 500 business leaders in Arizona by Arizona Business Magazine. His firm is ranked #1 in Healthcare in Arizona, over national firms, because of his niche professional disability practice.

Ed is sought out for his expertise in this industry, and media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and U.S. New and World Report reach out to him when they have questions about industry news and developments.

We’ve had Ed on the podcast before, and it’s always great to get his input on what’s going on in the disability industry, and specifically, how dentists are impacted.

Ed’s also done some CEs and articles for Dentaltown that are available on Dentaltown.com, and is working on another CE for Dentaltown that will be coming out in the next few months.

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