1323 Making Implants Easier with Dr. Boaz Hetsroni : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dr. Boaz Hetsroni is a general (but experienced..) dentist who developed a “breakthrough-changing life” device for dental implantologists. The “Omplant prosthetic parts Driver” (patent pending) is considered a must- have tool among hundrends of top implant dentists who use it worldwide. The wireless prosthetic parts driver automatically find…catch…dis/connect prosthetic components with the right torque from/to an implant in few seconds.Visibility of the screwable parts/hex is not required ! same time if the implant was placed in posterior area/distally tilted/or obscured by deep gums! All-inclusive Omplant Driver system (screwdriver & organizer) promotes fast, smooth,very convenient work flow. Beside saving 70% off chair-time, and half of mouth opening it provides a new standard of safety from falling parts in mouth so it is very friendly to the dentist and the patient.

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