1427 Dr. Vitaly Gantman on Dental Supplies & Multi-Practice Management : Dentistry Uncensored

Dr. Gantman graduated University of Montreal in 2012 after which he worked with native communities in Canada’s Northwest territories for 18 months. He returned to Montreal in early 2015 and shortly after opened his first practice with his university buddy Dr. Michael Benarroch. Since then, they have grown to 5 locations throught greater Montreal with 15 associate dentists. They offer advanced aligner therapy using Invisalign in all of their practices and were diamond Providers in 2019. They offer mentorship through their established network and are helping dentists become the best versions of themselves.

They saw an opportunity in the dental supply world in 2018 and are founders of Dentira with Vikas Gupta (Software Engineer) and Dr. Sudha Chinta, Endodontist in San Diego. Today Dentira has more than 4000 offices across America and is growing at a rapid rate. They are on a mission to transform the way dental supplies are purchased and bring transparency to the world of dental supplies.

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