151-00 Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry – No Post, No Crown PREVIEW

Educational Content & Knowledge previously only seen in his classroom. Follow-up to Dr. Magne’s highly successful text book, “Bonded Porcelain Restorations”

What is No-post, No-crown Biomimetic Dentistry? You may ask yourself as a practitioner: what is your core value? Should your restoration last forever? Or should the tooth substance underneath your restoration last forever? This lecture will help you decide.

New concepts called biomimetic principles will be discussed. You will learn about science. You will learn about common sense. You will learn about experience on bonded restorations and you will understand what is called the adhesive revolution. You will learn about laminate veneers, and bonded porcelain in the anterior dentition…Not only the cosmetic beauty of it but the foundations of biology, mechanics, function, and of course aesthetics.

Posterior teeth will also be discussed and we will explore the amazing possibilities that are possible now because of those bonding techniques that have evolved both on anterior teeth and posterior teeth.

We will discuss the immediate dentin sealing technique that should improve the quality of your bonding. You will see the reversed crown restoration where we transform a full crown into a veneer. You will look at the new so-called “veneerlays”- a mix of a veneer and an onlay- that will allow you to restore cases such as extensive erosion cases. Even full mouth rehabilitations can be made with this technique. We will review materials and the difference between composite resin and ceramics. We will look at our research involving a chewing simulator and the survival rates of the different types of restorations when used adhesively as an occlusal veneer. We will present full mouth rehabilitation cases, including some essential steps that will significantly facilitate the treatment planning and the sequential treatment of those cases using innovative ideas, indirect acrylic mockups, etc.

And finally, as a surprise, we will discuss bonding on implant restoration. Is there such thing as bonding to implant abutments? Yes, there is. We will also explain the advantages of using adhesive dentistry. If you want to stay bonded, you will definitely join us and have a lot of fun.

5 Chapters
1. Introduction – core values
2. Anterior/posterior veneers – IDS (Immediate Dentin Sealing)
3. Novel-design bonded restorations
4. Composite resin vs. ceramics in posterior teeth
5. Conclusions

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