3D Printing in Orthodontics | Stratasys Digital Dental Workflow Solutions

For more information on Dental and Orthodontic 3D Printers click here http://goo.gl/Ph3aLf

Orthodontic digitization and 3D printing have raised the level of standards of care by providing patients with an optimal orthodontic appliance, with elevated levels of accuracy. The digital process reduces costly remakes for the laboratory and orthodontist. It also streamlines those labs’ office operations – eliminating redundant appointments and delivery fees, and improves of the orthodontic process and patient experience. The orthodontic patient’s overall dental experience is enhanced by adopting these new technologies.
The negative connotations of the alginate impressions are dispelled now that they are enhanced with the cutting-edge look and feel of the digital acquisition/digital impression unit and the sleek look of the 3D printed models.

If you are interested in exploring this solution for your organization, please speak with one of our additive manufacturing experts https://goo.gl/qHnouO

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