5 Causes of toothache and pain after root canal – Dr. Manesh Chandra Sharma

A tooth is a living structure. The core of the tooth has got a living tissue inside which is called the pulp. This pulp has got a blood supply, lymphatic drainage, which helps the tooth keep white, any injury to these structures can cause pain in the tooth. It is important to understand that the tooth is embedded in the bone and if there is any reason for injury around the supporting structure of the tooth, it can also cause pain in the bone area. If there is a decay in the tooth which goes deep to the care area that is there in the center of the tooth, it can cause pain. If there is infection of gums that goes to the apex of the gums it can cause pain in that area. Sometimes gum infection may not cause severe pain but the patient may not be able to put pressure on that tooth and will try to shift the food to the other side and not use that particular tooth. In certain instances where there is injury to the tooth because of a fall during childhood, there can be injury to the core structures of the tooth leading to the tooth becoming non vital, and in some cases over a period of decades, there may be a cyst on the apex of the tooth, which may be a cause of the pain. The amount of tooth that we see in the mouth, more than half of it is in the jaws or inside the gums. the portion of the crown that is visible in the mouth is called the crown, and the portion that is below the gums is the root, sometimes when there is a recession of the gums and the root surface is exposed, such teeth might become very sensitive and can lead to pain. At times because of reasons like faulty brushing techniques or for any other reason where the enamel of the tooth is removed because of certain reasons, the inner layer called the dentin becomes exposed. enamel is non-sensitive, dentin is very sensitive and the patient may have severe pain if it is exposed, the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth, if there is premature e contact of the upper teeth with the lower teeth, then that teeth cam be painful, leading to pain around supportive structures of the teeth. If there is a trauma to the tooth and fracture in the root of the tooth, that is inside the gums it can lead to pain in the tooth. Once the tooth has been root canal treated, it generally has to go for a crown on top of it. Sometimes because of undue pressures if the tooth is not capped and if it is decayed, and there is undue pressure there is a vertical fracture of the tooth, such vertical fractured teeth also lead to severe pain and it has to be removed. At Colonels dental spa we have the expertise and experience to identify we also have them modern dental equipment to diagnose dental problem and find out modalities to relieve them of their pain and their problems.

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