5 Myths Cleared about Root Canal | Common RCT Doubts Cleared-Dr. Shahul Kamal Asif | Doctors’ Circle

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Myth 1:
Are Root Canal Treatments Painful?
No, it is absolutely painless since it is done under dental anesthesia.

Myth 2:
Root Canal Treatment – is it dangerous?
Not at all, it is very safe and not related to any other systems

Myth 3:
Can Root Canal Treatments cause Cancer?
Absolutely not. There is no relation between Root Canal Treatment and cancer.

Myth 4:
Safety of Root Canal Treatment in Pregnancy
Root Canal Treatment can be done safely in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Myth 5:
Does Root Canal Treatment “ Kill” the tooth?
Root Canal Treatment does not kill the tooth. If fact it saves the tooth rather than extraction, where the tooth is removed complexly from the jaw.


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