971 Dental Anesthesia with Stanley F. Malamed, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran (2018)

Edited and re-uploaded from 2018

Stanley F. Malamed is a dentist, anesthesiologist and emeritus professor of dentistry at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of U.S.C., formerly the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. He is author of three textbooks: “Handbook of Local Anesthesia,” “Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office,” and “Sedation: A Guide to Patient Management.” Dr. Malamed has authored more than 160 papers in scientific journals and authored 15 chapters for other textbooks. Additionally, Dr. Malamed has authored interactive videos (DVDs) on (1) Local Anesthesia Technique and (2) Emergency Medicine.

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