A Day in the Life of an Orthodontist

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Ever wonder what an orthodontist does every day?!

Dr Jono Gluck from Gluck Orthodontics in Nashville, Tennessee walks you through a typical day.

Hey, guys, it’s Dr Jono from Gluck Orthodontics in Nashville Tennessee and it’s about 6:20 in the morning. Just here with Noah end Joey we’re out for our usual morning stroll. I’d like to get the day started with a little bit of fresh air. This is a day in the life of an orthodontist.

Okay so it’s about 7:15 on my way into the office usually I get there between 7:15 and 7:30. 7:30 we have a small meeting with a few people from the team and then again at 7:40 with everybody on our staff and we’ll go over the schedule for the day we’ll talk about yesterday, we’ll recognize people who did something awesome we took great care of a patient yesterday, and then we’ll start seeing patients at 8:00.

The day is full of decisions, but the first one of the day is always where to park, and so for me in the summer it’s definitely first level of the garage keep it nice and shaded protect your car from the elements, that way leather seats aren’t 400 degrees when I get back at the end of the day so let’s have a good one.

Okay at 7:15 I just arrived at the office, our day starts at 8:00 seeing patients but we always get together once at 7:30 with some of the people on our team to go over a few things from yesterday and then again with the whole team at 7:40 we go over the schedule for the day we talked about things that happened yesterday we acknowledge the team members from yesterday did a great job taking care of patients and then we wrap it up by like 7:55 so we can get everything set up, and seat the patients when they come in at eight.

Okay, it’s about 7:20, I’m in our private office a lot of orthodontic businesses are family businesses, and so I actually share this office with my dad who sits over there. He’s been here and started to practice 35 years ago, and my mom she sits back there, she does our payroll and our books and helps out with all their financial stuff, so we all shared a small office. I usually get in a little bit early I’ll look at the schedule for the day, look through things from yesterday check my email make sure that there’s nothing that requires my attention, and then like I said 7:30 we’ll get together the rest of the team.

All right so it’s 7:39, we’ve just had our first meeting in the morning with about four or five of the team members, now we’re gonna go in and meet together as a whole group.

Okay so now we’re 7:40 meeting is over we’re getting ready to see the patients now. Oh there’s DR G back there.

Hey that’s right calm before the storm, so we have I think 65 patients on the schedule today some orthodontist will see upwards of ninety or a hundred. I would say it our busiest will get up close to 80, but 65 is a good number that we can see everybody on time deliver great service and still get all the stuff done that we need to do so let’s get to it. All right we’re in the middle of seeing patients and j
just by the way you can never get your hands on some of this clutch.

Okay so it’s like 9:30 we’ve seen a publications now we’re gonna go ahead and put on the set of races so Warren has greeted the patient she’s cleaned the teeth off she’s gotten pretty much everything ready and then once we’re ready to put the braces on she’ll call me over I’ll go over and put him on talk to the patient talk to the parent this process takes about 15 minutes
All right so just finished putting on the set of braces now we’re going to go see a new patient and this is someone who hasn’t been in our office before is here for consultation so our treatment coordinators have met with them going over their concerns then they’ll come in and talk with me or dr. Gluck about what exactly is going on we’ll go and examine the patient talk with them about any recommended treatment options and then go from there….

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