An Early Look at the “Reopening” of Dentistry: What the Economic Data Tell Us?

Since March 2020, the ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) has been tracking the economic impact of COVID-19 on dental practices. In this webinar, HPI’s Marko Vujicic shares the early signs of recovery as states began “reopening” in May, based on the poll conducted the week of May 4. He reviews the data shared by thousands of dentists across the country and answers questions from webinar attendees.

Jump to highlights of the discussion:
00:26 April dental employment data and May’s “reopening”
02:03 Economic Impact poll results
23:32 A closer look at data from “reopened” states
36:18 Webinar Q&A

This information is current as of May 12, 2020.

This is the third in a series of webinars hosted by HPI on the economic impact of COVID-19 in the dental care sector. For more information, visit

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