Bridges Introduction to Careers in Dentistry

We all have teeth, so dental health matters to everyone and that makes dentistry a valuable and important career field. Dentistry is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of problems with the teeth and gums. There are many careers within dentistry and while each one requires a different level of skill and training every dental career can be rewarding.

Founded in 1985, Apple Tree Dental is a non-profit, critical-access dental provider, operating seven dental centers across Minnesota. They provide both clinic-based care and on-site dental care at 145 community partner locations to nearly 34 thousand patients each year.

Apple Tree Dental is focused on providing treatment especially to those who might not otherwise have access to dental care. The Apple Tree team includes more than 200 professionals who work together to bring quality care to people in need.

If you haven’t considered a career in Dentistry you should know that there are over 15 thousand dentistry-related jobs in Minnesota and the old gender roles are changing.

The Dental Assistant is the most common entry-level job in Dentistry. Dental assistants set up equipment, prepare patients for treatment and keep dental records.

Experienced dental assistants can become licensed to perform expanded treatment such as sedation and restorative functions.

There is a career ladder in dentistry and positions that require more education and experience pay more. Dental offices need customer service, and office staff as well as dental assistants and specialists like Hygienists, Dental Therapists and Dentists.

You can start preparing for a career in dentistry while still in high school by taking courses in science and math

Central Lakes College, with campuses in Brainerd and Staples, offers both a diploma program and an “Associate in Applied Science” degree in dental assisting. Depending on which program you choose, you can complete your training in just one or two years and be on your way to a rewarding career.

Ask your school counselor about courses and other opportunities that will help you learn more about careers in Dentistry

Choosing a career and educational path after high school is one of the most important decisions you can make. In a time of life when there are more questions than answers, the bridges career academies and workplace connection provides information about education and career pathways and gives you the tools you need to make a smart choice. One that’s right for you, and right for your future. To learn more visit bridges connection dot org.

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