Business of Dentistry Conference 2019

The Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference is here and you do not want to miss it! Immerse your team in a training experience, packed with enhanced classes tailored for everyone on your dental team. Amidst the grandeur of Las Vegas, network with peers from all over the country and get pro consultation to help you maximize your Dentrix investment! Who said expanding your dental practice can’t be fun? With the backdrop of America’s playground—you’ll be sure to get healthy dose of fun and expertise, all in one, expanded dentistry conference.

Our mission at BDC 2019 is to ensure you have the tools and expertise you need to expand your business. From front-office essentials to billing and insurance claims, we’ll help you streamline processes and develop strategies for future growth and bottom line expansion.

Let’s make your practice’s future bright in sunny Las Vegas!

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