Celebrating 10 Years of Dentistry at JCU

Australia is not short of Dentists but they are mainly staying in the cities. JCU was one of the nation’s first regional dental programs. Ten years on, we have graduated more than 885 dentists. Our mission has always been to build a dental workforce for our region and capacity for our near neighbours. We’ve helped cut waiting times for dental care in northern Queensland and we are Australia’s most successful university at producing a rural dental workforce for regional, rural and remote communities. We believe the quality of our program is second to none and our graduates are job ready with over 2,000 hours of clinical practice. Our graduates enjoy the highest rates of employment and starting salary in the country. We are proud to be celebrating 10 years of Dentistry in North Queensland.

Find out more about dentistry at JCU: www.jcu.edu.au/dentistry

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