Clear Aligners without braces – Invisible orthodontics ©

Invisible orthodontics or orthodontic treatment with clear aligners without braces is an option to correct the position of the teeth in indicated cases.

In this 3D video from Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( we can see how this treatment is performed.

Nowadays we often hear about invisible orthodontics, what is it? It involves carrying in your mouth a series of transparent removable appliances that gradually push your teeth. It requires a series of successive changes, with a determined periodicity, but also its effectiveness is limited to those cases in which the competent professional has indicated it. Not everything goes for everyone.

First, an orthodontic study is carried out individually, which includes, among others, intraoral and extraoral photographs, radiographs, and a digital scan of the patient’s mouth.

Next, the treatment plan is generated using a software, simulating the movements to be carried out and visualizing the final position.
Subsequently, the different types of splints to be used are designed, which will be changed according to the indications of the orthodontist.
These splints make the teeth gradually move into the planned position.

The objectives of an orthodontic treatment are seeking an occlusal harmony between both jaws so you can develop a good masticatory function and aesthetic appeal.

The patient seeks only aesthetics and cares little whether the canine guides are correct or have a posterior cross bite or have a “class three.” The qualified professional of course thinks about aesthetics but also worries that the function of the mouth, and should inform the patient who is interested in what are the goals of treatment before starting it.

Remember that we must try to take the place of the patient and know what he/she imagines about that treatment. We must be able to explain how far we can go with it to avoid creating false expectations, for this, diagnosis with previous studies is essential.

The techniques in orthodontics are many and are individualized for each case to indicate the most appropriate one.

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