Cosmetic dentistry helped to transform the lives these five amazing ladies. Accelerated Invisalign, cosmetic veneers, and cosmetic crowns were used to create brighter, whiter, and healthier smiles. Accelerated Invisalign was utilized to align their crooked teeth creating straight teeth in a fraction of the the time as braces or traditional Invisalign. Dr. O, while utilizing the latest in same-day cosmetic dentistry , created all-porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns to complete their smile transformation. After completion of their smile makeover, you can witness their confidence in their nearly perfect teeth.

These amazingly beautiful women share their dental experience with an invisalign review and veneer review. They share how their smile transformation has very little to do with their teeth and more about their overall expression of confidence.

We had the honor of being the presenting sponsor of 417 Fashionation! We were able to share five stories of how our patients make their smile their signature accessory.

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