COVID 19 Contact Tracing in Dentistry

To hear Dr. Gordon Christensen’s candid views on many of the questions dentists have been asking about PPE, aerosol mitigation, surface decontamination, air filtration and more,

If you are a general dentist and want to be able to deploy CONTACT TRACING instantly and with ZERO EFFORT in the event a patient you saw last Tuesday calls to inform you she tested positive for COVID-19, this video is a MUST-SEE. You’ll hear Dr. Zach Korwin share his plan for contact tracing in the event one of his patients or team members were to be confirmed positive for the virus.

IMPORTANT: This video series on Dental Health Safety is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is a place to broaden awareness on a range of topics we face as a profession, post-COVID-19. It is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL AND LEGAL COUNSEL. Laws and regulations may vary from state to state, province to province, and by country. In order to determine how you can meet or exceed necessary standards, reach out to your Dental Licensing Authority, your State Dental Board, as well as your attorney to help interpret other requirements including those from (but not limited to) OSHA, CDC, EPA etc..

Elizabeth and I have no financial interest in Dr. Zach Korwin or the contact tracing system he developed. We have asked him to be part of this new ongoing series on “Dental Health Safety” for this channel.

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