COVID-19 Update McNutt Orthodontics 3 27 20

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update For McNutt Orthodontics 3-27-20
What we need in order to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic is to be strong as a community and compassionate as a people.

In this update I will discuss several topics, too include:
-the current recommendations by the NC State Board of Dental Examiners
and the American Dental Association
-why we chose to adhere to those recommendations
-the status of our temporary office closure
-how our team is doing
-how to handle orthodontic emergencies
-how to obtain more elastic rubber bands if you run low
-what to do if part of your braces debond or break off
-how to handle replacement of lost or broken retainers
-home care of your orthodontic appliances
-the status of orthodontic payments for patients in active treatment
-measures we are taking to be ready when we are able to re-open
-our strategy for rescheduling patient families when we are cleared to re-open

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