Dental Treatment: Accelerated Orthodontics Feb 9, 2016

Originally Released Feb 9, 2016

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Dr. Alpan will discuss incorporating accelerated orthodontics using micro-osteoperforations as a practice builder or differentiator. He will review the science, the procedure, and several before & after patients that received micro-osteoperforations as part of their treatment plan. Dr. Alpan will also discuss marketing your practice by integrating micro-osteoperforation and accelerated orthodontics.


1. Introduction to Accelerated Orthodontics a brief history
2. A thorough review of the science behind micro-osteoperforations
3. Case presentations highlighting the applications retroactively and proactively
4. How to differentiate your practice using accelerated orthodontics
5. Marketing micro-osteoperforations in your practice and community


Alpan Orthodontics, is all about enhancing smiles for a lifetime. Dr. David Alpan has been an Orthodontist practicing in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills since 1999 and is proud that he is third generation in the field of Dentistry. Creating and enhancing smiles that function in harmony with the bite and TMJ is his focus. Dr. Alpan cares for all his patients as if they were his own family.

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