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Today I am speaking with Dr. Charmaine Harris, from One World Dental in The Hague, about dentistry in The Netherlands. Check out her practice here:

A very special thank you to our sponsor, Silk’n ToothWave. Check out the ToothWave here: . I’ve really noticed a reduction in the buildup around my gums and even teeth whiteness!

00:00 Meet Dr. Harris
01:33 How Dutch Dental Insurance Works
04:49 When to Bring Kids to the Dentist
06:30 How Often Should I See the Dentist & How Much Does it Cost?
07:31 What Are Issues Expats Face?
09:27 How Do Dentists Determine Prices?
10:10 Silk’n ToothWave Review
12:25 Orthodontics for Adults & Clear Aligners
14:27 Thank You!!


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PS – If you’re wondering why my videos will always be in English, the answer is simple: more people in the world speak English than Dutch. I want this channel to be accessible and understandable for as many people as possible.

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