Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry: The Future Is Now

Prof. Guillermo J. Pradíes Ramiro, Spain – MIS Global Conference, Barcelona 2016.

The aim of this presentation is to introduce the audience to the concept of total digital workflow interpreted as a protocol in which every new consideration about diagnosis, treatment plan, and development of an implant treatment can be conducted by a digital resource.
From CBCT radiology to accurate guided surgery helped by intraoral scanners to digital 3D smile design by using a facial scanner, or spectrophotometric teeth color determination from making digital implant impressions to C.A.D. design and CAM productions by using 3d printers or millings machines ; today it is more likely to have 100% digital workflows in some of our daily treatments. This presentation will detail the possibilities and current limitations of these cutting edge technologies in implant dentistry.

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