Do NOT Crown Your Tooth! – Partial Crown (Cosmetic Dentistry)

There is a good chance that you have or have been recommended to get a dental crown, but you may have never heard of a much more conservative and healthier option that will work in many cases instead of full dental crowns. Today I will explain the advantages of Partial Crowns also know as ¾ crowns or onlays, over full coverage crowns. I will use a clinical example and show you how at Innovative Dental we are able to improve oral health for our patients by saving considerable amount of tooth structure by performing more conservative dental care with partial crowns.

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. O shows the dental crowns procedure at Innovative Dental can help save your tooth and improve your oral health. Cosmetic Dentistry allows us to esthetically and functionally use partial dental crowns, also called inlays and onlays as a great option to fixing teeth with a large cavity while not removing nearly as much tooth structure as a full crown. Dental crowns can many times be a pretty aggressive treatment for a fairly simple problem. Partial Crowns or ¾ crowns are designed to help maintain a considerable amount more of your healthy tooth. For example, tooth decay that destroys one half of the tooth may be able to easily be treated with a partial crown rather than a full crown. Partial Crowns are better at treating the diseased portion of the tooth and Full crowns are more like treating the organ. By keeping more of your natural tooth to help maintain your oral health, we can help avoid tooth pain that is sometimes associated with larger amounts of tooth removal.

The ability to make the porcelain dental crown in our office with the CEREC 3D Imaging and Milling machine allows us to avoid the need of a temporary or goopy impression. Because we are able to bond the permanent partial crown in the very same day we can encourage a more healthier approach that just treats the cavity rather than the whole tooth. Many crowns are chosen over partial crowns or (inlays or onlays) because full crowns are more simplistic to temporize. The temporary concern does not exist with the latest technology.

In this video you will see a dental crown procedure that fixes 2 large cavities and cracks in 2 separate teeth. This example of has 2 teeth that in many offices would be 2 crowns. You will see how we were able to use a porcelain partial crown to save a lot of tooth structure and give the patient a much healthier and stronger result.

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