Easier Restorative Dentistry that Lasts Longer through Better Soft Tissue Management

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Start understanding soft tissue treatment options and how they can make your restorative cases easier and longer-lasting.

Discover important treatment planning options you are missing by not understanding soft tissue management!

What you’ll discover on this online livestream training:

– How to avoid early recession after doing crowns or veneer.
– Manage dark gum risks from root canal therapy
– Avoid difficult impressions and bleeding gums with soft tissue management to improve the impression process.
– How to pick patients that will be prone to recession in the future and what to do about it.
– How to choose which class 5 cases can be restored with natural tissue for life.
– What is actually achievable with soft tissue management simple guidelines to follow so you aren’t setting your self up to fail.

This is for you even if you know nothing about soft tissue

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