Emerging digital trends in dentistry amid COVID-19

Dentistry is considered one of the highest-risk professions amid COVID-19, due to the close contact it requires between patient and doctor. Amid the pandemic, technology is about to take an important new role in dentistry. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang has the latest on digital dentistry.

Stephany Yang
Formosa News reporter
To reduce the risk of transmission, a Taiwanese company has invented a teeth isolation system to keep patients safe.

This made-in-Taiwan mouthpiece helps reduce aerosol by isolating the tongue and cheeks to eliminate large amounts of saliva and air drops during dental treatment. It”s already being sold in China, Thailand, and Malaysia. It can reduce 95% of fluid, according to doctors.

Thomas Tsao
It has the bi-block and the ability to do the isolation of your tongue and cheek. Almost 95% of saliva spreading can be reduced. Normally right now have many dentists in Tainan are wearing plastic masks in treatment, but before when they are doing the treatment, there”s saliva spreading on the mask with water. But now using the EasyPrep, there”s almost no water on their faces.

There is also this artificial intelligence 3D dental model printing system. This machine allows dentists to print crowns and bridges, reducing the risk of residual saliva sampling. The printing time takes 20 minutes, which is one-third of the previous time.

Ayush Bagla (EB)
Ackuretta CEO
We are able to scan without any virus spreading. It doesn”t move, so the entire solution is able to produce any kind of dental indication at the clinical level within a few hours.

There”s also this violet-LED transilluminator. With just one quick scan, it helps dentists detect caries, fractures, calculus, and root canal orifices during surgical procedures, without the need for X-rays.

Frank Tang
Three A Co.,LTD Sales division manager
It”s a very new solution. Because it”s able to replace the traditional treatment and reduce the time and cost. Besides, it can also avoid the risk between our dentist and patient. Moreover, it can assist us to see if we brushed our teeth completely.

These are a few of the products highlighted on Tooth Faerie, the world”s first dental group fundraising platform. Tooth Faerie was unveiled on Aug. 27, to provide world-class cooperation and services such as marketing strategy and medical regulations consulting in various countries. It is expected to launch 20 crowdfunded products in the first year after the official launch.

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