Facelift Dentistry 8-Day Underbite Fix, No Surgery, Explained

With the Face Lift Dentistry® method, none of your healthy teeth are drilled down. There is no surgery on the jaws or soft tissues. The reason it can be done so quickly is that none of your teeth are cut down, no shots if your teeth are healthy and no jaw surgery so there is no real risk. This method is completed in about 20 hours of time spread over 8 days or less. This gives the patient and Dr. Sam Muslin the ability to “tune” your bite after you eat a meal. This gives the patient the ability to test for success to make sure you are speaking clearly, love how it looks and you are comfortable with the physical improvements in your health.

Learn more about Underbite Correction without Surgery here: https://www.faceliftdentistry.com/underbite/

We know, it sounds too good to be true which is why we have one of the Worlds largest before and after videos and photos that clearly document the success of this method. These patients allowed their faces to be shown without any compensation. They did it for your benefit so you can clearly understand that this method has improved the quality of their lives both physically and cosmetically.

There are significant benefits to this method because this is a structural underbite correction that painlessly and quickly aligns the lower jaw to the position your body was always meant to be in. It is a natural process that is also remarkably predictable because this method is non-invasive. You will be able to test and see your new lower jaw alignment on your first visit. There is nothing like it which is why so many people fly in from all over the world. Call us to plan a healthier future with enormous cosmetic benefits.

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