First Day in the Life of a 7-yr Dentistry Student at Detroit Mercy ⃒ 7년제 미국 치대생의 첫수업

Hey guys,
It’s been an absolute pleasure putting out this first video. It’s offered me such an amazing opportunity – to finally feel like I’m making a bit of a difference, however small, in the world. If you managed to watch the whole 35 min (sigh, yawn) video, I would like to personally thank you – for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with the past me. I appreciate each and every one of you, even if I may not be able to answer all your comments. I debated long and hard over whether to split this video in half, but figured that it would be easier on you guys if you only had to watch one video since it would break the flow transitioning between videos. I apologize if the video made you dizzy at times – I wish I had a gimbal but they’re so expensive!!

Would anyone be interested in helping with Korean subtitles? I would really appreciate it – it’s for my Korean Grandparents to watch (they don’t understand English) and for me to reach a larger audience. Though the Korean Krew is made up of me and 9 other Korean freshmen, we’re under a heavy course load and there’s no guarantee of them being able to help me with Korean subtitles. So if anyone would be willing, let me know!

Ps. Thumbnails are much harder to make (nice ones, at least) than I ever thought they were 🙁


Camera: Sony DSCHX80/B
Tripod: Manfrotto Mini Tripod PIXI
Editing Software: iMovie


koreanpopinst – [INSTRUMENTAL] BTS(방탄소년단) – Whalien 52
AnimeLab – One Punch Man – RIP groin
King Tony – Look At This Dude Original
Truus 1949 – Sad Romance (Violin Version) by Ji PyeongKeyon
Greendairox – Jeopardy Theme

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