Full ZIRCONIA Mouth REHABILITATION: Cosmetic Dentistry Natural Kaos Teeth

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This is the full video of taking down my teeth, placing temps and a month later all the Zirconia crowns being placed.
Where do i begin…My teeth have been an issue for me since I can remember; When I was realIy young I smashed my front tooth and it died, luckily it was a baby tooth, then I chipped them on the side of the pool when I was 8, and during this time I am grinding. To repair the front broken tooth after the pool accident, it was bonded, and every few years this would be re-bonded as my grinding would chip away the bonding. When I was in college this tooth finally died and went grey. My “black” tooth then received a root canal and both front teeth were veneered so that they matched plus the grinding had already made my front teeth shorter.
Over the next 15 years, I would continue to break teeth, now mainly in the back as the grinding would cause the enamel to weaken, these teeth would become more susceptible to decay and would either abscess and need a root canal and then a crown, ow if we did a crown first these would fail and the tooth would still need a root canal. When teeth are root canal’d they become brittle and both my back lowers broke down thru the root and had to be removed.
4 years I ago I got my first implant, and then it was decided the other lower side of my mouth would also need an implant.
As I began to realize that every single one of my teeth would eventually need to be crowned, and by the way I already had many other crowns, so many in fact that I was not even sure which teeth were mine and which had been crowned.
With this slippery slope in front of me, we decided 3 years ago we would save and work towards a full mouth reconstruction. As you might guess these are expensive and are not covered by insurance, this is like plastic surgery for your mouth, and in my case it was not simply vanity it came about out of necessity and fear that by my 40th birthday I might not even be a candidate for this procedure if I lost more teeth.
I had braces as a child and in the early 90’s they would extract teeth to move back an overbite. Lucky for me I had 4 teeth extracted for this procedure, they don’t do this anymore, but it actually saved me a bit of money as we would not need those 4 teeth crowned as they no longer existed.
I spoke many times with Dr Clark about this and we decided if we were going to rebuild my mouth we should first widen my bite so that we could have the best results when he added the new larger and longer teeth. Dr Clark and Dr Hoyjberg my orthodontist decided I would benefit from a year of Invisalign and then this would prep me for optimal results. Last fall we finally felt financially able to start the process of Invisalign, even crazier Emmitt and Turner were both in braces with Dr Hoyjberg so its been a good family affair at the ortho this past year:)
I chronicled the whole mouth journey starting with last fall 2019, when I got the invisalign brackets placed, then I videoed as I went back and forth for different trays and assessments. In the fall of 2020 my Invisalign was complete and both Dr Hoyjberg and Dr Clark agreed that I was ready for my full mouth rehabilitation.
Dr. Clark http://myeldoradohillsdentist.com/
Dr. Hoyjberg https://www.hfamilybraces.com/
PART 1 https://youtu.be/lDM1E-dSjo8
PART 2 https://youtu.be/eArDLDlf1XQ
PART 3 https://youtu.be/gxAJ_gv1Nfg
PART 4 https://youtu.be/SJ7KtnqQjPE
PART 5 https://youtu.be/Q4nxFYbZ59Y

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ZIRCONIA MOUTH REHABILITATION: Cosmetic Dentistry Natural Kaos Teeth
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