How different light sources affect photography in dentistry

Many dental professionals ask me which is the BEST flash for dentistry?
In this video we show you how different light sources affect the outcome of our images.
We shall use a ring flash, a twin flash and finally a Studiolight/softbox (PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION)
We will also compare the results of each flash with one another.
We have also recommended the best ring, twin and studiolights for you.
The video will also show how the camera is connected to our Smart TV and how showing images on a large screen can help us show images to our patients during a dental consultation.

So here is the conclusion
Ring flash is best for routing cases. It is our workhorse.
Best for orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and pedodontics
Best ring flash is Canon MR 14 EXii

Twin flash is best for anterior aesthetic cases ONLY
If you wish to publish an anterior aesthetic case use a twin flash like Canon MT 26 EX

Studiolight is best for publicity and glamour but please note that cases documented using studiolights cannot be used for accreditation
Best studio light recommendation is Elinchrome FRTX 400

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