How Invisalign Works at Dentistry at Suburban Square

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This video walks you through the process of getting treated with Invisalign with Dr. Wollock at Dentistry at Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA.

Dr. Wollock’s services start with data collection, which means a scan, photos, and x-rays. Next, you’ll come in to review your clincheck, which is a computer animation that will show you how your teeth will move and how quickly you can expect your treatment to be completed.

The national average Invisalign case takes 11 months. However, Dr. Wollock has training and techniques that other Invisalign providers don’t, so his Invisalign treatments take an average of 6 months. Dr. Wollock also has a lower-than-average number of patients who need additional treatment after Invisalign. The National average is 150%, but for Dr. Wollock’s patients, it’s 50%.

3 weeks after you approve your clincheck, you’ll get started with your first tray. You’ll wear the trays all the time—whether you’re sleeping, awake, or eating. The only time you’ll remove them is while you clean your teeth.

Depending on the needs of your individual case, Dr. Wollock may provide aspects to your treatment such as:

-IPR: A polishing between teeth that creates very small amounts of additional space to uncrowd your teeth.

-Attachments: Tooth-colored buttons which are placed on teeth at the beginning of your treatment and polished off at the end. These buttons help teeth to move more reliably.

Dr. Wollock’s patients don’t need to visit the office as often as patients who seek treatment at other practices. After we get you started and everything looks good, we’ll begin sending you home with multiple trays to start at different dates, which will help you save time and hassle.

After you wrap up treatment, you’ll need to continue wearing your retainers while you sleep. These help to keep your teeth in the position where you want them, with the added benefit of protecting teeth from grinding and clenching. All retainers stretch, and then your teeth shift, so experts recommend you get new retainers every 2 years, at minimum. However, some patients may need to replace their retainers more frequently. You can purchase additional retainers from us or any other Invisalign dentist.

Many people ask us how Dr. Wollock is able to provide such high quality service and lower cost than competitors. Since Dr. Wollock spends some of his time traveling around the country and mentoring other dentists, he gets access to savings on Invisalign, which he passes onto his patients.

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