How long can you keep a temporary filling after root canal? – Dr. Chandan Mahesh

Temporary filling is an intermediate filling post root canal but it doesn’t have any shelf life and it wears within 2 to 3 weeks of time. That needs to be changed over a period of time , maybe the ext visits the patient visits the dentist. We tell the patient to go ahead with core build up so that the particular tooth will be safe and it is more stronger. Temporary filling is of 2 to 3 varieties. We use eugenol mixed with zinc oxide. These temporary fillings doesn’t give more strength that the permanent filling gives to the tooth. It wears off. The only thing is it gives structural strength to bear the occlusal forces a it tends to fracture, after the fracture patient ends up in multiple problems like infection of the gums, infection of the tooth and he might end up suffering from multiple disorders that why the dentist ended up dong root canal might be a failure if it is not changed with a permanent filling. We say the temporary filling is a dressing material for the time being just for a couple for 2 to 3 day and we suggest the patient to come and get it changed till the particular cap is placed. So temporary filling cannot be given for more than 2 to 3 weeks of time.

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