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How to Fix Broken Braces | Orthodontics Tips. BROKEN BRACKETS AND POKING WIRES: The most common orthodontic emergencies are broken brackets and poking wires. These problems tend to cause the patient some discomfort.

This solution should provide you with instant relief.


You have brackets all over your mouth, so there are multiple spots where a bracket can become loose or break.

If your bracket is at the back of your mouth, you can try and safely remove it.
If this is the case, try your best to save the bracket and keep it in a safe place so you can bring it back on your next appointment.

If your broken or loose bracket is in the middle or front of your mouth, you will notice there is no way to remove it due to the surrounding brackets.

This is where orthodontic relief wax comes in handy. Your orthodontist should have provided you with this when you started treatment.

Simply take a small amount of the relief wax and roll it into a ball. Then, gently place the ball of wax over the surface of bracket that is causing you discomfort.

This should prevent the rough edges of the loose or broken bracket from rubbing against your gums or lips.


To get instant relief from a poking wire, first, locate the poking wire.

Again, take a small amount of relief wax, roll it into a small ball and place it around the end of the irritating wire.

This method should help relieve the pain until you can go see your orthodontist.

Keep in mind, this is only a temporary fix to your problem. Call your orthodontist and book an appointment promptly so they can prevent the issue from prolonging your precious treatment time!

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