How to Interview & Get Into Pediatric Dentistry Residency | #AskDrDarwin 611 | Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

** Exclusive Interview with previous candidate for residency in pediatric dentistry on how to prepare, interview and get into PEDO.

The New Dentist Coach, DrDarwin interviews a resident about her experiences and successful actions that got her into her desired specialty program in pediatric dentistry.

Listen and Learn as Dr Darwin finds out how Dr Gill became a pediatric resident. Here are a few of the successful actions recommended by Dr Gill:
1- Start early
+ your references need more time
+ gather your documents; its takes more time than you think

2- Essay/Personal Statement must have a focus and be unique

3- Be prepared to discuss your CV, thoroughly

4- Make a list of programs based on curriculum, recommendations from other PEDO residents, school faculty

5- Tips on Interview Preparation
+ find out what questions were asked
+ rehearse answer
+research each program individually
+ will get different types of questions asked of you

6- The Interview
+ may be a panel or 1 on 1 with multiple faculty
+ the questions ; + listen to video, too many to list here

7- The questions you should ask
+ IV/Oral sedation? OR experience? lecture schedule and by whom? pt base, population and demographic? any upcoming changes to program in next residency year?
+ to the current residents = On call? electives? housing? camaraderie?
** current residents will go to Program Director and tell them which candidate they like and fits well with group; they have influence in admissions

8- Why doing a GPR/AEGD is beneficial?
** must listen; dont skip over this
+ shows you are teachable, coachable, and still willing to learn
+ shows you explore options and are expanding your professional experiences
+ residency 8-12 patients daily vs. dental school 1-2 = your are more qualified to handle patient flow

9- the Six Tips on what she would do differently and her Pearls:
+ start much much earlier
+ take ADAT anyway = dedicated, mature, willing to do more, serious intent
+ only apply where you want to go : why???
+ for ladies = bring change in shoes, flats for walking
+ be friendly with other interview candidates and others within the program
+ get and read eBook = How To Interview

The #AskDrDarwin Q&A Show is DrDarwin’s way of providing a multitude of value by taking your questions about oral health care procedures/services and new dentists challenges, tips, and strategies. He gives his answers based on his experiences building a successful dental business, being a key opinion leader and influencer, a program director in advanced dental education, and as mentor, coach, and strategist to new dentists.
The show is a weekly series of Professional Development for New Dentists and Oral Health Awareness for Dental Consumers.

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