How To Sell Dentistry Without “Selling”
Chris Brady DDS – The Rich Dentist Coach

It’s Time To View Your Practice Like Never Before.

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You Dream, We Take You There.

As a dentist, you’re wearing many hats in your practice. This often distracts you from focusing on the key issues that actually make you money.

As the nationally recognized ‘Smart Growth Practice Coach & Case Acceptance Expert’, Chris loves helping dentists have or produce large amounts of whatever it is they want—in dentistry and in life. Whether it’s personal happiness, more time off to do what’s most important—family, golf, travel, etc.—wealth or less stress at the office.
Dr. Chris has developed one of the most effective case acceptance systems that will have patients asking for treatment. No pressure. Not pushy. Just happier patients accepting bigger cases, resulting in fewer days at the office and a happier, better-compensated team.
He also shares his secrets and techniques to lower overhead, make more money, increase vacation time (6 weeks minimum), lower stress, increase case acceptance, reduce or eliminate dental insurance, and much more.
For more than sixteen years, Dr. Chris has taught principles and concepts that have changed the lives of literally thousands of people in the dental profession. In fact, Dr. Chris teaches more Case Acceptance seminars than any other dentist on the planet.
Dr. Brady’s teaching approach is motivating and entertaining. You’ll find yourself laughing and even feeling a bit embarrassed at some of the crazy things we naively do and say to patients.
He tells it like it is in a humorous, no-nonsense fashion by making fun of himself with real life stories that teach the proper communication principles for building exceptional relationships with the patients of the practice.
As Founder and President of Brady Group LLC, Dr. Chris propels dental offices to achieve their greatest revenue potential through growth strategies. He teaches the essential skills of selling, leadership, management, and communication that enables dentists to build their dream practice.
Dr. Chris is also an author, practice transitions expert, and motivational speaker. He has spoken to groups (AADPA featured speaker. Keynote speaker at the AACD.) all across the United States.
Dr. Chris’ numerous articles can be found in various publications such as Dental Economics, Mentor and Contemporary Dental Aesthetics. He was also an Editorial Board member at Dentist’s Money Digest.
Most of all, Dr. Brady is a genuine, generous person eager to share his message with those of his profession with the desire of creating happiness.
If you are looking for straightforward practice building advice that can have an immediate impact on your practice and your net income, then we invite you to schedule a complimentary Smart Growth Practice Assessment, it’s absolutely confidential.

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