How to use FGM Whiteness HP Maxx For Bleaching Tooth Whitening In Office -DENTALKART

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Whiteness HP Maxx is a bleaching based on Hydrogen peroxide at 35% for the whitening of vital and non-vital teeth.

The product contains a group of special dyes, which act as an absorbent barrier also serving as time indicators (its color alters from intense red to green).
When irradiated with light, they turn it into thermal energy, which accelerates the process of peroxide penetration in the tooth and consequently, the bleaching process.

Besides the dyes, the product still contains an inorganic load, which acts as a barrier and collector of heat waves.

This barrier makes the heat waves act on the gel as an accelerator of the bleaching process and consequently protects the pulp –
from being directly reached increasing its temperature and causing sensitivity.

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