HUGE $$$ and MORE Than We Bargained For At The DENTIST Sedation Dentistry #seekyourtruth

In Season 4 Episode 51 Mom takes Jasper to the dentist for sedation dentistry and gets more than she bargained for! The bill is HUGE! Jasper is seeking his truth by begging brave.

How did you seek your truth today?

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Hyde and Seek is a channel that was inspired by Mom’s weight loss channel KetoChaos

The kids liked it so much they begged to start their own! So last year as a big family homeschool project we decided to start our family vlog channel where we will be able to share all of our fun adventures with the world. We hope you will enjoy all of our fun content. We’ll have everyday vlogs, dance competition vlogs, challenges, roller coasters, and just LIFE! Please subscribe to support our new venture so that we can continue making new and better content for all of you!

Daddy Dave 45
Mama Tammi 44
Xander 23
Sullivan 20
Ahrana (Rani) 17 adopted from India at age 3
Oliver 17
Finneas 13
Virginia 11
Eloise 9
Ruby 6
Jasper 3

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