I NEED A ROOT CANAL! – Pregnancy and Dental Issues

Today I found out that I will be needing a root canal! After 5+ years of avoiding dentists, I guess I can’t avoid them anymore!

I had a filling fall out over 6 months ago. I didn’t have any pain, so I figured I could ignore it. Now, at 3 months pregnant, it’s started hurting pretty badly and I had to see a dentist. The densist informed me that I would need a root canal or a tooth extraction due to it now being absessed.

This is not at all what I had planned for my pregnancy. From having an absess/infection to getting an xray to taking antibiotics and later needing to freeze my mouth and have a root canal performed… As someone who is obsessed with being “natural” and “healthy”, I just did not expect for things to take this route during my pregnancy (the time when I thought I would be the MOST natural and healthy).

In the end, I’m grateful for the health that I DO have. Baby seems to be safe and healthy so far, and I’ve been assured that all of the steps we are taking will be perfectly fine for the pregnancy. I’m also going to be so happy to have the tooth fixed, no longer giving me pain, and to hopefully feeling better with the infection gone.

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