I’m Super Overwhelmed | When It Rains it Pours: Balancing Dentistry & USC Dental School with Life

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Hi Guys.. This VLOG was hard for me to make and watch.

People ask me all the time how I am so happy all the time. I would say that I am naturally a pretty cheerful and optimistic person. But these past few months have been super hard on me.

When it rains it pours. The commute to USC was really starting to get to me. We started construction on our new house, which is super exciting but that combined with a short escrow on our old house, we were homeless for a week and living in construction. For someone who loves routine..NOT IDEAL!

The big thing that I was emotionally stressed about was the office. In the midst of doing one of our most successful months ever and with the office growing every month, I was given bad news. My assistant Janice, whom I adore, had one more class to take before Hygiene School, cutting her time with me a little short. My hygienist Nina, whom I also adore, was given news that her husband was being transfered for his job. At one moment I had a well balanced team of people I could 100% trust and are sooo good at what they do. The next, the crew is cut in half! Not only that, I personally have grown so attached to them. To find people to replace them is not just a matter of finding workers. It is always hard to say bye to people who were so important to you. But I always remind myself that I WANT my employees to be happy as PEOPLE. I want them to thrive. This sometimes means they need to go on to the next level: get a new job, move to a new place, support a husband’s promotion.

It’s hard to go through so much change all at once. It is even shocking for me to see how stressed out I was from this footage. Life is settling a lot now that we have moved in, but that is for another VLOG. Just here to remind you that change is not easy, but it is good.

Thank you for the support you guys!

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