Instant Orthodontics With Porcelain Veneers In San Diego

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist Dr David Eshom explains “instant orthodontics” by using Porcelain Veneers. If you have a special occasion and you want a beautiful smile fast, then you’ll want to watch this video all the way through. He shows some amazing before and after using porcelain veneers.

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Welcome to another video about dental porcelain veneers my name is Doctor Dave Eshom and I practice in San Diego, California. I want to give you some good information about porcelain veneers so that you can choose out the best solution for a better smile. In cosmetic dentistry is procedure called instant o.rthodontics. That’s where you use porcelain veneers to make people’s teeth straight in a manner of 2-3 weeks. There are pros and cons to porcelain veneers forInstant Orthodontics and I want to go over those with you today. What is instant Orthodontics? It is the fastest way to get to a smile like you see on the screen. You come in. We do an evaluation and after a couple of appointments you have the smile of your dreams and it works especially well for special occasions like you have a wedding you, have a graduation, you have a high school reunion, or College reunion. Things like that work great. the one disadvantage to instant Orthodontics Ortho or the cons is that more structure is removed but by going to a dentist that is properly trained you’ll find that the minimum amount of tooth structure would be removed in order for you to get a great smile like the one you see on the screen. The other a con with instant orthodontics is it it is more costly compared to braces but then again it also is the fastest and some people do not want to wait a year to 2 years it would take for orthodontics.
Let’s go over a couple cases. The case on the screen, you can see her teeth are very misaligned she has a large bulky crown on her one of her front teeth and her smile is narrow on one side and irregular on the other. Ann was very inhibited when she went out socially and she hardly would talk to new people and she felt very self-conscious about her smile so she came in.She had a special occasion where her daughter was going to be getting married and so she wanted to have a nice smile for the wedding and for the pictures and for the new people that she was going to meet. Let me show you her results. The result shows a nice symmetrical width and alignment. She chose a nice white color that goes with her lips and goes with her complexion and and was very very happy. She had a lot of compliments and she was confident interacting with her soon-to-be son-in-law’s parents and everybody that came in from out of town. So it is quite an accomplishment and was done in three weeks. She was very happy and had a great wedding while getting lot of compliments on her smile. How we walked her through the process she said was very comfortable. She went from a crooked smile to nice pearly whites.
Adam wanted to crooked crusty grill to nice pearly white veneers for his wedding and also got them in 3 weeks. So if you are thinking about veneers and you’d like them to straighten your teeth it is very very possible and we can do it here or at our office I am an accredited cosmetic dentist so I know exactly what I’m doing in cases like this we only take the minimum amount of 2 structures needed to get you your smile and we could surely help you get your smile ready for a special occasion and Orthodontics is for instance I’ll be done in 2 weeks and you won’t have to work so if it’s something for you give us a call or 858-455-9151 and we do free cosmetic consultations.

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