Invisalign Procedure Experience – Aura Orthodontics

Jessica Dhillon (DJ Goddess) shares her Invisalign treatment experience at Aura Orthodontics in Surrey, BC. Learn about how Dr. Sharma treats patients with Invisalign.



Hi my name is Jessica Dhillon.
Some of you may know me as DJ Goddess.
I’m a film producer, DJ, model, and choreographer.
In the entertainment industry it’s very important to look your very best at all times.
As a result, it’s so important to take care of myself, to always look my best, and to work on my smile, and Invisalign has been amazing for that.
I decided to get Invisalign because I was very self conscious about my teeth and especially my bottom ones.
I relatively had straight teeth on the top row, but very crooked bottom teeth and I was always very self conscious about it and one day I was at an awards gala and I run into Dr. Sharma and saw in the swag bag.
There was an advertisement for Aura Orthodontics and it was for a free consultation.
So I thought, “Why not give it a try. I have nothing to lose.”
And I came in for my first appointment.
Dr. Sharma and his staff were absolutely amazing.
Super warm.
Greeted me very well.
I left very comfortable.
In fact, he went through all of the advantages, disadvantages of the different types of treatment.
So I knew what was going to happen from top to bottom.
The impressions were very quick and easy.
In fact, it was super neat to see what my teeth looked like in the actual mold.
It was really impressive and exciting to see the 3-D rendering of my teeth.
I was able to see what my teeth would like look at the end of the treatment, which was super, super neat.
With Invisalign it’s great because I only have to come in once every six weeks and that works perfectly with my hectic schedule.
I spend a lot of time on the road, so I just pop in once every six weeks and it’s also very quick and fast.
I just come in.
I get my new impressions, a quick check-up, and I’m out the door, which is great.
I’m only eight trays away from completing my whole treatment.
I’m super excited.
In the meantime, it has totally built up my confidence.
I’m not self conscious over smiling anymore.
I can go in and perform or do photo shoots without any hesitation, especially with my smile.
My overall experience at Aura Orthodontics has been absolutely phenomenal.
Dr. Sharma and his staff are great.
They’re very warm, very welcoming, and very knowledgeable.
So it’s been a fantastic experience and I would recommend coming to them for Invisalign any day.

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