JCU Dentistry 2014 Parody – Fancy

JCU Dentistry’s 2014 parody video. This parody was created by studies from across the year groups.


First thing’s first, I’m the dentist (dentist)
drill your caries and use composite to fill it (Synthetic resins)
and I still need to cure it
I would teach you why, but that needs lessons in Physics (blue light)
You should want a dental pro like this
taking impressions of your teeth with these
let it set, get it checked, send it off now
my dental skills every clinic wants enlist
take care of my patients and not neglect them (never)
built rapport like we both went way back (best mates)
Now let’s begin where my syringe at ?
My topical anaesthetic you should taste that.


Your Oral Health
Is my main concern
I hope you remembered
to floss and brush your teeth
You don’t brush your gingiva
can’t you taste that blood
your mild gingivitis may become
I said maybe I do floss, maybe I do brush
can’t stand the pain and honest the truth is
saliva flow retarded, xerostomia has started
no acids diluted, I can’t buffer lactic acid
so I drink water at times, chew sugarfree gum
and swear food gets stuck inbetween enough for people to dine
so I get caries all the time, dental hygiene outta line
can’t worry about streppoccui, gotta get my teeth all aligned
now tell me, do you do that? or that? what can we do to combat
my teeth all outta line I just wanna smile again
We can use the X-R-A-Y to show my teeth on film
I’m worried that radiation will cause cancer in my jaw


I’m so confused
what’s your chief complaint?
we need to address all of your tooth decay
it’s all in your roots, does this feel cold
your periapical cyst about to blow
Sit and rest well, while I set up this rubber dam
Doc im feeling anxious, feels like I could use some happy gas
yeah, keep on turning it up
atmosphere’s spinning my world’s going dark
You’re fully sedated, now I shall start
your pulp looks dead, let’s test it with touch


we’re almost done, how you like that?
got the whole root filled it’s how I does that
hey now take a sip and rinse that
here’s the bill now you’re wishing that you brushed that
Your filling’s feeling high ha?
Articulating paper bite on it hard
your contacts are just fine
saying these teeth have been sculpted by the gods.

Now I hope you remember, to brush your teeth
or you’ll be back here, to get some dentures made
here’s some tooth mousse, can you apply it before bed
more fluroappetite, is what you need

Xray-y-y let’s check that (X3)

DISCLAIMER: This video does not represent the values, opinions, or morals of James Cook University and affiliated students, staff, faculty, Clinics, etc.

Instrumental: Iggy Azalea – Fancy (Instrumental remake by DimaBeatz)

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