Leaders in Dentistry Discuss COVID-19 Challenges and Triumphs – recorded 28th May 2020

Three influential leaders in Dentistry share their views and experiences during the crisis so far and discuss how they are looking forward and preparing to re-open practices.

Dr Andrea Ubhi – Director of Andrea Ubhi Dentistry and Love Dental
Lisa Bainham – President at Association of Dental Administrators and Managers
Tracy Stuart – Change Management & People’s Behavioural Expert, Speaker and Coach

The session was hosted by CODE’s Samantha Draper – New Business Manager

Each of the panel will introduce themselves and their experiences during the current situation. They then answer some of the following questions and examine the difficulties and successes that they have seen during these challenging times, as well as sharing their plans for moving forward:

Key questions that the panel will be discussing include:

What have been the biggest challenges and triumphs of this period?
What innovative steps have you and/or your clients taken to prepare for the ‘new world’ of dentistry?
How have you and/or your clients managed to maintain the mental wellbeing of your teams during this time and looking towards the future?
Remote/virtual TCO appointments and assessments – what are your thoughts on preparation for the new ‘digital led reception’ approach?

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