Life Saving- Advanced Biological Dentistry

Alison was not feeling well. She had chronic headaches that impaired her from leading a normal life, skin rashes her doctors couldn’t explain, and a constant lack of energy despite being a young and woman that loved life and her job with kids. Even after a recent brain scan and blood tests her doctors in the UK couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. After a check up, early 2020 at @whiteclinic using our advanced 3D CT scan, we have been using on all new patients since 2008, we discovered a massive infected cyst around her impacted wisdom teeth and a few other issues that would explain her systemic symptoms. Thanks to our Advanced Biological approach, using state-of-the-art technology and immune boosting therapies during our dental surgery, she is so much better now.
This is why for over 20 years we practice #slowdentistry and invest time in our diagnosis and treatment planning. It literally can save lives. Your teeth are directly connected to your brain and your body. If there is chronic infection and inflammation it can be a silent killer. Only a real biological dentist with a trained eye supported by technology can connect the dots. If you have symptoms your doctors can’t explain, you should probably check your teeth. #biologicaldentisry #regenerativemedicine #whiteclinic #leadingdentalcentersoftheworld #miguelstanley #pazprotocol #advacedbiologicaldentistry #holisticdentistry #integrativemedicine #immunedentistry #mercuryfree

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