Lockdown & Dentistry | How’ll Dentistry change after Lockdown ??

Hello friends,
In this video we talk about lock down and dentistry. How our dental practice affected due to to Covid19.
New Dentists are in the real trouble, If they practice there is chances of infection because we have to expose with saliva & blood if we great patient, aerosol procedure are dangerous now so we can not use airoter, scaler, three way (used when very urgent with risk) and without these machines how we can treat? And How much we can earn ?
Second point is that if we doesn’t practice so where to manage loan , interests, clinic rent, attenders payment, consumables, senatization cost, fumigation cost, electricity bill or much more….
So in both condition either we practice or not dentists are in trouble specially my new dentist friends….
DCI & IDA is there to solve the problem of Dentistry but we all know how they will work , they do nothing for Dentists but no one want to say against them….
So conclusion is this dental practice after Lockdown will be more dangerous according to me…our practice will never be same as before we have to change many things, we have to learn Practice with corona..
Be safe be aware…. thanks
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