Making the Case for Adding Laser Technology & Same-Day Dentistry to Your Practice

Deciding when and how to integrate new technology is a vital component of practice management. While an upfront investment is required to make this change, many practices are positioned to benefit from technology investments a great deal in terms of improved patient experience, more efficient workflows, and boosted revenues.

Join Jim Philhower and Tarah Grauer, Henry Schein practice development coaches, who have counseled thousands of dental practices for an overview of:
• Simple practice performance benchmarks to help guide your decision about adding technology to the practice
• Financial markers to assess the investment of technology, such as return on investment and payback period
• How to best leverage new technology purchases for a more favorable economic outcome
• How laser technology and same-day dentistry can help mitigate the pandemic impact to the practice, such as reducing number of appointments to complete a procedure and minimizing use of PPE

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