Meet the Waterlase Laser Dentists at Summit Dentistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Summit dentistry ( )has acquired a Waterlase MD laser which allows for the treatment of both hard and soft tissues using laser energy. Many simple and complex dental procedures can be completed with less anesthetic (“freezing”) and in some instances, with no anesthetic at all!

Traditional methods of removing tooth decay involve an air driven rotary handpiece that generates heat and vibration. It is this heat and vibration that produces pain in a tooth thus creating the need for anesthetic to “numb” the tooth. The Waterlase MD does not vibrate and produces far less heat than a traditional instrument. For this reason, many fillings can be completed with minimal (and sometimes no) anesthesia. Often, fewer dental visits are required when using the Waterlase MD as the treatment of cavities is no longer limited by the amount of anesthetic that must be administered.

The Waterlase MD uses a highly focused beam of light that removes tissue in a very precise and atraumatic manner. This means that fillings completed using this technology are very conservative allowing the dentist to save as much natural tooth as possible. Also, the non-vibrational removal of tooth structure reduces the risk of creating stress cracks in enamel.

The versatility of the Waterlase MD allows for the treatment of both hard and soft tissues. The dentist can go from cavity removal to adjustment and sculpting of gums and bone with the push of a button. The laser energy greatly reduces healing time by controlling bleeding through coagulation and reducing post-operative swelling.

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