Microbiome Dentistry, Better than Biological – Dr. Gerry Curatola & Dr. Jay Davidson

Join me as I interview oral microbiome expert Dr. Gerry Curatola! We discuss traditional dentistry’s flaws, silver fillings, and where Dr. Gerry comes into the picture. His new product Revitin is a game changer when it comes to oral care and whole body health.
More Info at www.DrJayDavidson.com

Link to purchase Revitin –

International orders purchase here: http://goo.gl/KjRZV9

Show Details:

0:00 – Dr. Gerry’s site http://www.rejuvdentist.com/
1:16 – Microbiome Research and the Future
5:40 – Dr. Gerry’s History
11:16 – History and Toxicity of Silver (mercury) Fillings
15:20 – Dr. Gerry Curatola in the Media
17:16 – What to do With Silver Fillings
20:50 – Why Does the ADC Love Silver Fillings
26:17 – Save Mercury Removal
29:20 – What is Mercury Free vs. Safe Dentist
33:42 – History and Dangers of Conventional Toothpaste
45:06 – What is Natural Toothpaste?
54:58 – Revitin – What is it and Why Use it?

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