My Root Canal Failure – Mandibular Molar (Middle Mesial Canal)

Root Canal Failure – Mandibular Molar (Middle Mesial Canal). I wanted to publish this mesial root failure to highlight the importance of searching for the middle mesial canal.

Bobby initially presented with tooth #36 (necrotic w/ symptomatic apical periodontitis). We completed the case 12 months ago – and – he returned with symptoms to #36. After reviewing the periapical radiograph, we elected to retreat only the mesial root as there was an obvious rarefaction (big word. LOL). Watch as I review the some of the techniques I was taught about retreatment. I didn’t need to use chloroform in this case as several years ago, I watched Stephen Buchanan completing a retreatment. He talked about trying to complete as much of the retreat without a solvent as possible – I tend to agree with that.

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